Hi, I'm trying to validate a TIFF from a Nikon D800E camera which, via the Adobe RAW plugin is generating a FocalPlaneResolutionUnit value of 4. This is being thrown back by TIFF-HUL as invalid yet from what I can see in the ISO standard doc cited in the documentation, values of 4 and 5 should be valid:

macdanosx:~ dof$ ./bin/jhove-1.10/jhove -c ./bin/jhove-1.10/conf/jhove.conf Desktop/arm04454.tif 
Jhove (Rel. 1.9, 2013-06-10)
 Date: 2013-07-09 12:36:27 BST
 RepresentationInformation: Desktop/arm04454.tif
  ReportingModule: TIFF-hul, Rel. 1.7 (2012-08-12)
  LastModified: 2013-07-09 12:28:57 BST
  Size: 32375880
  Format: TIFF
  Version: 6.0
  Status: Well-Formed, but not valid
  ErrorMessage: FocalPlaneResolutionUnit value out of range: 4
  MIMEtype: image/tiff

And the relevant part of ISO 12234-2:2001(E) 

2.11 FocalPlaneResolutionUnit

This tag encodes the unit of measurement for the FocalPlaneXResolution and FocalPlaneYResolution.

Tag Name = FocalPlaneResolutionUnit
Tag = 37392 (9210.H)
Type = SHORT
N = 1
Value = VALUE (possible values listed below)
1 Inch
2 Metre
3 Centimetre
4 Millimetre
5 Micrometre

Can anybody shed any light on this issue?

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