Pdf/a checker with reasons, not just booleans

  • Hey

    I would like to join you as a developer. I am a IT-developer working on the State and University Library of Denmark.

    I am currently working on using JHove to validate WHY a pdf file is not a valid pdf/a file. As it stands, JHove just tells you whether or not the file is valid, but for many preservation purposes, knowing why helps you make more educated choices.

    I am currently not allowed to provide you with any code, as the odd legal situation at this Library prevents us from making code available to people, where we do not have have a log showing that they accepted the license.
    This is hopefully cleared up next month, but in the meantime I have been forced to branch JHove to our local SVN prepository, even through we use the same license...

    You can check out the code, but you need to create a new user account first.


    • Gary McGath
      Gary McGath

      I've added you as a developer. Thanks for your interest!