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#4 Need a specification


I know, its me again :D

I think we need to create a specification. At this
point we are making the code the specification which I
dont think is a good thing. New people have to read
the code to get the jist of the definition of the
objects. Maybe we just need more commenting at the
beginning of each class to say what it is and what it
is not.

Like right now i am making some example changes to
DrawApplication and I sometimes get stuck wondering
how I should split the functionality between methods.

Is a DrawingView always going to extend a Component in
this Java architecture? Should I check it before I
add it to the Container to be sure it is a Component
or should I simply cast on the fly?

any ideas?


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    I am closing this request.

    I absolutely agree that we need more API comments, but that's work in progress which will never be finished - at the least not anytime soon.
    We'll never be able to fill everybody's information gaps with API comments though.

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