jguard 1.0.1 released!

jGuard v1.0.1 released!

the jGuard team is pleased to announce a new 'stable' release(v1.0.1) of the java security library called jGuard(http://www.jguard.net).
this is a BUG FIX release.

the main jGuard features are :
- stands on java standards (JAAS and jEE): we don't reinvent the wheel
- stands on security standards :enhanced RBAC(from NIST) standard called ABAC
- relies only on java 1.4 and j2ee 1.3 or higher
- can be adapted on any webapp, on any application server, or standalone applications
- does not depend on a web framework, or an AOP framework
- authentications and authorizations are handled by pluggable mechanisms
- changes take effects 'on the fly' (dynamic configuration)
- each webapp has its own authentications and authorizations configuration
- authentications can be configured through XML or databases (Oracle, MySQL,PostgreSQL,DB2,SQL Server)
- support encryption in authentication
- authorizations can be configured through XML or databases(Oracle, MySQL,PostgreSQL,DB2,SQL Server)
- a taglib is provided to protect jsp fragment
- support security manager

a webapp example(called 'jGuardExample') is provided to quickly test jGuard (via Xml configuration files, or Database).
a swing example is provided too.

this project is released under the LGPL licence.

the jGuard web site:

the jGuard homePage on sourceforge:

jGuard forums are open:

easy JAAS integration for j2ee and j2se has gone!
don't reinvent the wheel, use the standards.

Charles GAY(jGuard team).

fix these bugs:
-1643853 "illegalstateException on Sessionlistener"
-1639627 "jguard-jee does not compile against j2ee 1.3 api"
-1637017 "CallbackHandler causes exception in OCSPLoginModule"

Posted by Charles Lescot 2007-02-22