jGuard's wiki is out! (http://jguard.xwiki.com)

a jGuard's wiki is out!
it can be reached here:
at start, it contains the informations in English located on the sourceforge web site.
more content will be provided on it quickly.
the port of the French translation is in progress, and a Portuguese translation has started.
it will replace shortly the static html content of the sourceforge web site.
like we want to enhance the documentation quickly, the xwiki based wiki system (http://www.xwiki.com) is a more approriate way to do it.

all comments on the wiki are welcomed! (but page editing is only allowed to jGuard members).
=> a space dedicated to guest users will be availabl soon to permit page creation too.

stay tuned!

Charles(jGuard team).

Posted by Charles Lescot 2005-10-13