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Arjen Stet
  • Arjen Stet
    Arjen Stet


    jGuard has been in development for quite some time now and we have seen versions like 0.64 and 0.81 wich were relatively stable releases. Still it did have a 0.x version wich lead me to believe the product wasn't finished yet. Could someone (preferably diablo512) tell me why this versioning has been used? Was the product still a beta-product until just recently when 1.0 was released? Or is there any other reason to use this kind of versioning?

    Thanks for your reply.

    • Charles Lescot
      Charles Lescot

      jguard has provided its first stable release in 2004 (jGuard 0.50).
      we have published since this date 20 stable releases, and have gained more and more stability on our products.
      so, this release convention does not infer in the product stability.

      why have we used this release number convention?
      => these products are stable in their features and usability, but not stable in their architecture:
      the Jguard architecture have evolved a lot since its inception.

      why have we changed the release number to 1.0.0?
      => we think the architecture is more stable and will evolve, but will not change in a big way.

      the architecture change between jguard 0.80 and 1.0.0 is big, and justify the so long delay between these two releases.
      we focus now on producing releases more frequently.