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#85 Neodatis ODB as Object database too.

George Stan

Please add support for Neodatis ODB as database too (or instead of db4o).
Since the two are very similar, it wouldn't mean too much work, but it would bring several advantages:
- increased speed. The Poleposition test shows some of the numbers: https://sourceforge.net/projects/neodatis-odb/files/NeoDatis%20ODB%20Performance/NeoDatis%201.9/PolePosition_NeoDatis-1.9.pdf/download
(in my personal tests it was 3 times faster for many operations)
- better project structure, since the code would need a little refactoring to make the code persistence independent. I think this would greatly help other users understand you code (and maybe help with patches)


  • Adrian A.
    Adrian A.

    +1 for this feature.
    I would even volunteer to help the addition of Neodatis and the required refactorings.

  • jGnash is persistence independent without need to refactor the code. It should be just a matter of creating new DAO classes.

    I'm not opposed to using NeoDatis if it can fully replace the client / server functionality that db4o provides. I do not want to support 2 object databases. For the casual user, I am concerned it will be intimidating if too many file format choices are available.

    If others want to develop a working implementation for Neodatis, I have no issues integrating it. This feature request will stay open, but further discussion should be moved to the development group on Google Groups.

    • priority: 5 --> 1