#45 MultiPageLists bug


Adjusting the number of numbers, which controls how
many page numbers will be displayed at any one time
does not work.

Values other than 10 do not work. So any deviation from
the default will not produce working lists.

Problem with two page lists. The second page does not
exist or a link to it is not created. This may effect
all lists, where the last page is left out. I am only
aware of this happening with two page lists though.

In general the nav buttons creation logic is a little
off. There are a few calclulations I know are wrong or
I am not happy with. Until I can think of a better,
reliable way I went with what's there, since in some
cases it did work as expected, or darn close.


    • assigned_to: nobody --> obsidianstudios
    • status: open --> closed-fixed
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    all bugs and know problems have been resolved. The obeject
    now works as intended.