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JGen_0.9.78 released

This release contains the possibility for logged-in users to see the data of 'living' persons if they have the correct authorization level.

Posted by Wim Siebring 2008-09-08

JGen_0.9.76 released

In release 0.9.76 some bugs were solved, mainly related to multi-page lists and multi-page search results.
The option was added to sort the lists alphabetically. If this is selected the page buttons show the first three characters of the first lastname on the page.
It is now possible to click from the family-tree directly to the details of an individual.

Posted by Wim Siebring 2008-08-22

JGen 0.9.73 released

JGen 0.9.73 has been released including a Turkish translation.

JGen is now getting really close to the 1.0 release which will be released within a few days!

Posted by Wim Siebring 2008-05-14

JGen_0.9.71 released

JGen 0.9.71 now also contains a search/filter function for the front-end.

This release will also be the basis for release 1.0 of JGen.

Posted by Wim Siebring 2008-04-22

JGen_0.9.66 released

JGen version 0.9.66 has been released! Many new features have been added as well as many bugs have been fixed!

Posted by Wim Siebring 2008-02-06

Mod-JGen_Today released

Mod-JGen-Today is a nice little add-on for JGen which shows historic events from your genealogy database which have a relation with the current date. For example who was born on this date and who died on this date.

Posted by Wim Siebring 2007-11-21

JGen_0.9.55 Released

Today Jgen 0.9.55 was released. This release containes many bugfixes for the GedCom import interface as wel as some other adaptations for working with large datbases.

Posted by Wim Siebring 2007-11-16

JGen_0.9.50 with GedCom import released!

JGen_0.9.50 has been released. This is the first release with a GedCom import interface.

Posted by Wim Siebring 2007-11-07

JGen 0.9.44 released

As of version 0.9.44 JGen also supports Danish language. Also this release contains a fix for missing icons on the frontpage.

Posted by Wim Siebring 2007-10-28

JGen 0.9.40 released

JGen 0.9.40 has been released. This release contains major enhancements in the config menu.

Posted by Wim Siebring 2007-10-18

JGen Joomla Genealogy Database 0.9.39 released

Today we released the 0.9.39 version of JGen, the genealogy component for Joomla. Many bugs have been solved since 0.9.33, the first parts of a GedCom interface are there and we introduced some possibilities to configure the front-end.

Posted by Wim Siebring 2007-10-17

mod-jgen-stats-011 published

The stats module for JGen is now also available for download on Sourceforge. This small module shows the number of individuals, sources and images in the database.

Posted by Wim Siebring 2007-07-24

Release 0.9.33 published

Release 0.9.33 was published on Sourceforge today. This release contains only some minor corrections to the previous release.

Posted by Wim Siebring 2007-07-24