Hi. you can use superGenes take a look to this example http://jgap.sourceforge.net/doc/supergenes/supergenes.html

I may get you wrong but how I see it your players would be the supergenes and the stats you can get from your satistics database would be the genes that conform the superGene player.

In that way you would have a chromosome(team of 11 players) with 11 supergenes representing each player.

On Sun, Sep 8, 2013 at 6:38 AM, Jason De silva <zennnith@yahoo.com> wrote:
I am new to GA as well as jgap. I'm in the process of developing a system to help aid team selection for cricket where a set of players (genes) will be there and given several constraints to produce a optimized team of 11(chromosome). As i am new to GA i am finding it hard to develop my own gene which should be a player in my case and a chromosome should be a a set of players (genes). What i cant understand is to how to set my gene and chromosome attributes. I will be having the players in a database with the players statistics saved too. Help me out start off with jgap to address my above problem or recommend me with a starting point to use jgap in a effective way to my application.


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