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Pentaho Reporting Classic 0.8.10-RC released

After a long silence in this release news of Pentaho-Reporting, we are proud to announce the release-candidate of the upcoming version 0.8.10 of the Pentaho-Reporting Classic-Engine.

Pentaho-Reporting Classic is a lightweight embeddable reporting engine that provides reporting and printing capabilities to both Server and Fat-Client-Applications.

The engine has a remarkable low footprint and does make many assumptions about where it is supposed to run. Give it a warm spot, JDK 1.2.2 or higher and 6MB of your hard-disk, and the reporting-engine will work happily.

Pentaho-Reporting Classic does not have bad habits like littering the temp-directory, all actions happen in memory, no matter how large the report is.

Pentaho-Reporting Classic was formerly known as JFreeReport. Download the latest release from

Posted by Thomas Morgner 2008-05-22