Hello all,

My name's Amish and I'm interested in contributing to JFreeChart. I am passionate about building quality into software projects, and am currently pursuing a Master of Software Engineering while working as a QA Engineer. I have a pretty good foundation of Java, OOD, and Agile practices (TDD, unit testing etc.), and am looking to gain experience with and exposure to the open source world. As part of my curriculum, I also need to try and understand the activities involved, and make a meaningful contribution. 

I have read through some of the archived mailing list messages, and have seen activity on both the SF and GitHub repositories. I downloaded the source and was able to include it in a project in Eclipse, and get all the tests running (from the SF download), however; when I imported the GitHub Maven project, I'm currently faced with literally hundreds (900+) of errors! 

So some questions:

1) Any tips on getting the Maven project to compile? One of the main error messages is "The method X of class Y must override a superclass method". I'm on Windows running Eclipse Juno with jdk1.7.0_25
2) Would anybody be able to suggest some starter bugs for me to look into?
3) As the project is quite sizable, would you have any suggestions on which areas to look into to obtain a better understanding of the architecture? 

Thank you!