Our mails crossed in the post.

I'm working on it: will  deliver a choice of solutions later today...


On 03/07/2012 08:31, Martin Höller wrote:
On Tuesday 03 July 2012 David Gilbert wrote:
Let's fix this for the 1.0.15 release so that it works on JDK 1.4.2.  We
can drop the support for JDK 1.3, I don't believe anyone needs that
I think we dropped 1.3 support already. I don't have a JDK 1.3 at hand but 
AFAIK and as DaveLaw stated this isn't working anyway.

1.4 however did work bevor r2469. I agree with you that we should fix this 
for 1.0.15.

How could we fix it? I see 2 possibilities:

1) use reflection to avoid references to JDK 1.6 classes at compile-time.
2) drop support for (Linear|Radial)GradientPaint

1) Would have the advantage for Java 1.6 users that they would get full 
support when using some of the 3DRenderer classes. With the disadvantage of 
a runtime exception on older java versions.

I'd lean towards 2) for now, as it wouldn't produce any runtime exception.

Dave (Law), could you have a look at this?

- martin

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