Hi Paul,

I see you asked the same question on the iText mailing list and Paulo diagnosed the problem.  I'll take a closer look as soon as I can to determine whether we can fix the problem directly in the PDFGraphics2D class (and submit a patch to iText), and/or work around it in JFreeChart's rendering code.



Paul Belleville wrote:
I am using using
jFreeChart 1.0.8
jCommon 1.0.12
(I get the same problem with jFreeChart 1.0.6)
I have an application which can create Box Plots within the GUI, or export them to PDF (using iText 2.0.5).
In the GUI you can go from one dataset to the next and the Box Plot draws in the chartPanel.  Or you
can ask the app to run through all datasets and send the graphs to a PDF file.
The PDF file saves fine.  But when I open it and scroll down several pages, one page gives me an error.
The error I get is:
Adobe Reader error:
Token type not recognized.
This is for a PDF file which includes a set of Box Plot charts.
It seems it might have to do something with the chart where the std Dev = 0, or the chart right
after that one.
It occurs in Adobe Reader, after 2 graphs where Std Dev = 0.
Those 2 graphs look fine in the PDF file, but when going to the next page I get the error.
In my GUI application, I can navigate through all graphs with no issue.
Let me know if anyone has seen this or has any idea.
Paul Belleville

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