#981 Chart on SWT_AWT bridge bleeds through windows on WinXP

General (896)
James ffolliott

In our SWT application, we use JFreeChart on an SWT_AWT bridge to display some nice charts, and use your developer guide.

A bug has been found when the chart is rendered on an SWT_AWT bridge, along with an SWT composite which has the SWT.TRANSPARENT flag set. The transparency is necessary in our app, so hence we can't work around it.

What happens is the entire chart (and only the chart) will bleed through other windows over top of the app. If I drag another window over top of the chart, remnants of the chart are painted into this window, and remain there as I move this window around.

I've written a repro case to demonstrate the bug. Please run SWT_AWTBarChartDemo1, using JFreeChart 1.0.13, on a Windows XP computer (bare metal required; the bug does not occur if Windows XP is virtualized under Vista).

If you have any questions, please post them here, and if I'm away a co-worker will monitor this bug to help troubleshoot. Thanks!


  • Repro case.