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OS X 10.4 and above only

  • Ian Silvester
    Ian Silvester


    Thought you ought to know that the listing for jFileCrypt over at Versiontracker suggests that 10.3.9 is the lowest revision of OS X that the app supports. I was a little suspicious since I was under the impression that the latest Java version Apple have released for OS X 10.3 is Update 5, which supplies Java 1.4.2_12 ("Java 4").

    I went ahead and downloaded the zip anyway, and I'm afraid to report that it refuses to run since it doesn't find Java 1.5 installed. Unless you know different (I would be very happy to be told Java 1.5 is available for OS X 10.3.9!), you might want to update the listing at Versiontracker to say 10.4 and upwards only.

    Before I download the source and try to compile a down-version binary, does the code utilise any 1.5-only features?

    Thanks in advance,


    • apulix

      Yes, it uses Generics. Thanks for the information!