Source file deletion?

  • Ian Silvester
    Ian Silvester

    Hi there,

    Congratulations on releasing what seems to be the _only_ freeware OS X per-file encryption app that doesn't depend upon the DMG format :o)

    I have one question - do you delete the source file after encryption, and if so what form of file shredding do you use?



    • apulix

      The source files are not deleted at all, it is up to the user to take care of it. However, such in option is in our ToDo list, even though we did not think about file shredding yet. In case you know any good libraries that can take care of it please let us know. Otherwise I'm quite sceptical, since there are file systems where shredding does not exist. Therefore we will stick to the simple file deletion - unless someone makes an excellent proposal how to do it otherwise.