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JFFNMS 0.8.5 Released

JFFNMS version 0.8.5 has now been released. This is a bug fix release but has the missing database exports that were missing from 0.8.4.

Posted by Craig Small 2010-05-11

JFFNMS 0.8.4 Released

After a long wait, JFFNMS version 0.8.4 has been released. From the changelog there is the following improvements:
* tcp_status poller only returns ascii data
* Config script redirects to https url if called that way
* Added security patches as per Debian security patch 20_security
* Above Closes SF:1725069
* blentz patch for Dell OpenManage Fans and Tempeature added SF:1633506
* Removed non-free font and change code to handle no font present
* Started on logfile reading
* UPS poller now can work with Mitsubishi Diamondlink devices
* APC PDU support - this and above patch from falz
* Added support for IBM Blades, IBM Servers, IBM DS4XXX controllers,
generic Fibre Channel - All from David Lima
* Informant-Advanced logical disk support added - From Sebastian van Dijk
* Network UPS Tool support added
* import_custom.php fixed for multiple fields in same table
* Host MIB Apps can be case-insensitive checking

Posted by Craig Small 2009-10-05

JFFNMS 0.8.3 Released

Better support for PHP5 and RRDTool 1.2.x, OS/400 integration, Dell Chassis alarm monitoring, and fixes for all the reported issues.

Posted by Javier Szyszlican 2006-09-17

JFFNMS 0.8.3-rc1 Testing

Please test this new release, it should fix the most commong bugs. JFFNMS 0.8.3 final will be released shortly.

Posted by Javier Szyszlican 2006-06-04

JFFNMS 0.8.2 Released

New Features: Sensor, UPS, Cisco NAT, Cisco PIX, Windows Disk monitoring. New Trap system, uses PHP internal SNMPv2 functions. Fixes all the reported issues.

Posted by Javier Szyszlican 2005-05-10

JFFNMS 0.8.1 Released

This is a bugfix release. It fixes all the problems reported since last version. User Deletion, SNMPv2, SAA, Faster Events, Interface Bandwidth, Faster New Poller, and lots of small fixes.

Posted by Javier Szyszlican 2005-03-07

JFFNMS 0.8.0 Released

New, faster GUI. 95 Percentile graphing. Adds APC, ODBC, Brocade, Alteon and Cisco 5300 Monitoring. New Poller and Network Discovery. SNMPv2 and SNMPv3 support integrated.

Posted by Javier Szyszlican 2005-02-15

JFFNMS 0.7.9 Released

It adds support for CatOS Switches, Webserver monitoring: IIS, Apache, Compaq/HP Insight Manager and Livingstone PortMaster3. Improves Windows Syslog Events, CPU Usage, Load, Temperature Aggregation and a lot more.

Posted by Javier Szyszlican 2004-09-21

JFFNMS 0.7.8 Released

This release includes new features like Disabling the Status polling of any interface, System Description: Kernel, Hostname, polling and tracking, New Calendar, New Trigger Fields, UDP Poller. And Fixes for: NTP poller, TCP tool, Event Filter, Alarm Map, etc.

Posted by Javier Szyszlican 2004-06-21

JFFNMS 0.7.7 Released

This release contains fixes for most of the reported problems and issues, also a few new features like a new Login Method and the Tools framework to allow changes directly to the hosts.Also included are fixes all around the code like Syslog, NTP, TCP Port discovery, etc. Please Donate to the project if you can and its useful to you. Thanks.

Posted by Javier Szyszlican 2004-04-05

JFFNMS 0.7.6 Released

As usual this release include a lot of bugfixes, but quite a few new features and enhancements like TCP content regexp checking, DHTML view type, NTP monitoring, Linux & Cisco SLAs,etc. JFFNMS is now 2 years old. Happy Birthday!!

Posted by Javier Szyszlican 2004-02-22

JFFNMS 0.7.5 Released

Better internal interface arrangement resulting in a more useful GUI, more options and a generally more flexible Network Management System. Configurable cleanup of old Events and Alarms. Per-host Polling switch. Experimental poller for big networks. And more features and fixes.

Posted by Javier Szyszlican 2003-12-16

JFFNMS 0.7.5-pre1 Testing

This is the first test release of the new 0.7.5 version, please try it on a test server for now, and report back your sugestions and problems.
If everything goes fine, 0.7.5 final will be released in a few weeks.

Posted by Javier Szyszlican 2003-12-05

JFFNMS 0.7.4 Released

This release features the new Reachability Interface type for ICMP monitoring Round Trip time and Packet Loss graphics are included.
Also the ability to monitor a Linux HTB traffic controller with per-class and agregation graphics. Many internal changes like configurable interface field tracking, new trigger rules (duration) and a ACK event filter. Plus Lots of bugfixes and corrections like Input Error Rate, RRD File deletion and better Juniper Support.

Posted by Javier Szyszlican 2003-10-13

New jffnms.org Site

We're now proudly using our new domains,
jffnms.org and jffnms.com

My email is now javier@jffnms.org

Posted by Javier Szyszlican 2003-09-07

JFFNMS 0.7.3 Released

Config Downloader Rewrite, Cisco Catalyst Suport, A lot of GUI Enhancements, SMS Mail/Modem Actions, Tons of Fixes and cleanups all around the code, Better Windows Documentation. For more information look at the Changelog.

Posted by Javier Szyszlican 2003-08-02

JFFNMS 0.7.3-pre1 Testing

Please test this release... it includes a lot of changes.
I want to be sure there are no bugs, so I can release 0.7.3 final.

Posted by Javier Szyszlican 2003-07-21

JFFNMS 0.7.2 Released

New Features: Cisco Temperature, Voltage, PowerSupply,
SA Agent Monitoring. NetSNMPv5 Support (RH8&9),
Storage Aggregation and SLA, SOAP Satellite.
Better Hosts Screen, TCP Poller. And more.
Fixes in Reports, Applications Polling, Syslog-NG,
Smokeping, PHP CLI.

Posted by Javier Szyszlican 2003-05-27

JFFNMS 0.7.2-rc1 Testing

Please give this version the final testing ( clean install and upgrade) on all patforms before the final release next week.

Posted by Javier Szyszlican 2003-05-19

JFFNMS 0.7.1 Released

This release is mostly bugfixes, speed ups and a couple of new features, some requested by users and some from the TO DO List.

Posted by Javier Szyszlican 2003-04-02

JFFNMS 0.7.0 Released

PCRE Syslog, Distributed Polling, Export, Someping Integration, Windows & FreeBSD Monitoring, Connection Maps, Multiple Interface Add, Designated Main Interfaces, Cisco Accounting, TCP Connection Monitoring, CPU SLA, New Event Filter.

Posted by Javier Szyszlican 2003-03-10

JFFNMS 0.7.0 Beta Testing

I've packaged a "Beta Testing" Release of the upcoming JFFNMS 0.7.0.


This release is nowhere near a funciontal release, only for people who want to try it to see what is comming or to help me hunt bugs.

Please read the ChangeLog http://jffnms.sourceforge.net/jffnms-nightly/Changelog and TODO: http://jffnms.sourceforge.net/jffnms-nightly/TODO

Posted by Javier Szyszlican 2003-02-10

JFFNMS 0.6.9-2 Bugfix Released

This is a bugfix release...
The support for postgresql is working again.
The relese also includes other small fixes, you can see the Changelog file.

Posted by Javier Szyszlican 2002-09-22

JFFNMS 0.6.9 Released

This release included a new Trigger/Action Framework, providing email alerts. A few requested features (Default Customer, TFTP download/upload in two modes,Mark Disabled on Maps), and of course a lot of bug fixes and corrections.

Posted by Javier Szyszlican 2002-09-07

JFFNMS 0.6.8 Released

This release adds new Interfaces types for Cisco, Linux and Solaris. JFFNMS now runs on Windows 2000/XP too, New MiniSLA system, New Trouble Ticket Integration, Journaling and Graph Frameworks. And a few bugfixes.

Posted by Javier Szyszlican 2002-07-27