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Cannot Find Interfaces for anything (WinXP)

  • Are you running any firewall on the XP Box or XP SP2 you have to configure windows firewall to allow the traffic in/out

  • David....I am having the same problem. Were you able to get your problem fix? If so, how? Thanks....Vien Perez

  • Hello,

    I have also the same problem (windows XP), I added the host and doing a manual discovery I got all the interfaces but the network discovery doesn't function and I cannot get results. So I suppose than the poller job doesn't function, when I try to get the graphic I receive the error about that the RRDTools files haven't be created.

    How can I force the poller process?
    Does it funtion with previuos version, for example 0.7? I only need get some information to know what I can obtain.
    Did you resolve this problem?

    Thanks in advance!



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