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Project JFCML History

Sept 13, 2004: Reading about Swing performance optimizations made in 1.3 concerning unneccessary class loads, strongly considering lazy-classloading mechanism; will first complete current language enhancements. Adapted old constructor mappings to new architecture.

Sept 12, 2004: Rename package com.metasolutions.xmlw to com.metasolutions.jfcml. Rename class XMLWindowFactory to JFCMLWindowFactory; class XMLWindow to JFCMLWindow; remove old XML syntax in class TagHandlerImpl, renamed class NewTagHandler to TagHandlerImpl.

Sept 11, 2004: Re-tool keystroke mappings using helper class com.metasolutions.util.HexWriter; adding support for *all* keys defined in java.awt.event.KeyEvent, including support for Japanese keyboards, Sun keyboards, and IBM 3270 keyboards, and all modifier keys in java.awt.event.InputEvent. Old keystroke parsing mechanism replaced with pseudo-function mappings to class javax.swing.KeyStroke.

Sept 9, 2004: Redirected homepage link to online javadocs for ancestor project 'xmlw' at http://meta-solutions.com/doc .

Sept 8, 2004: Project JFCML launched on SourceForge.

For JFCML history before this date, see http://meta-solutions.com/jfcml

Posted by Shawn Curry 2004-09-13