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Version 1.8b

On 64 Bit Windows systems the jstart.exe was not always able to launch Java. This is fixed with the version 1.8b

Posted by Reiner Pröls 2010-07-29

Version 1.8

- Exclusive full screen mode is supported
- Batch converting from folders and subfolders is now available
- Better performance reading images
- Some minor Bug fixes
- IDE was upgraded to NetBeans 6.8

Posted by Reiner Pröls 2010-04-03

Version 1.7

- Bug fix: Exif data in Big endian was not parsed correctly

- Some minor Bug fixes

- Display GPS data and provide a link to online maps

- Export function for exporting images without Exif data to protect your privacy

- Pause function for the slide show

- Nimbus Look and Feel now fully supported (table header looked uggly)

Posted by Reiner Pröls 2009-04-03

Version 1.6

- Service release - no new functions but some bug fixes

- Launcher application (jstart) is now more robust and does not fail when there are spaces in the directory name (occured on Windows XP and Windows Vista)

- Minor bug fixes and code changes

- IDE was upgraded to NetBeans 6.5

Posted by Reiner Pröls 2008-11-24

Version 1.5


- Tooltips with Exif informations for the table
- Minor bug fixes and code changes

Posted by Reiner Pröls 2007-09-29

Version 1.4


- RPM and DEB packages for Linux systems
- Automatic and manual check for new versions
- Better image preloading in slideshow mode
- Shortcut for slideshow start/stop is now F4 and should work
- Bug fix for slideshow random mode
- Some tunings for smarter garbage collection (fixed size heap and incremental garbage collection)
- Language selection bug fix
- Launcher application (jstart) improved
- Linux shell script for starting was improved
- Code cleanup (stuff used by other applications are moved in the shared package)
- Tested with the new Java 6

Posted by Reiner Pröls 2007-01-17

Version 1.3


- Images can be displayed in a slideshow
- Documentation (online help) was updated and new screenshots
- Minor bug fixes
- IDE was upgraded to NetBeans 5.5

Posted by Reiner Pröls 2006-05-28