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kerberos support added

I've added and tested kerberos based authentication using hordes php-krb5 extension. It works gloriously. =P

Posted by Matt Joyce 2005-05-24

Files forthcoming

Our grant is winding down and we are coming to a coding conclusion of sorts... aka stablizing our code for the college so they can keep running what they have indefinitely should that be the need. After that the sky is the limit. And after i finish repairing some of the quick and dirty stuff we have in the college developement code I will dump a release here. So within the month expect a kickin release. I am pretty happy with what we have. I really think we did some good work. Obviously there is a lot of room for improvement still, but its a killer base to work from right now.

Posted by Matt Joyce 2004-05-04

New Layout && Upload Function

New Layout and Upload Function is nearing completion, will upload a new very updated tarball soon.

Posted by Matt Joyce 2003-08-18

Some Source Released

Released some source code. Indexer, some admin code, Search Engine, a few other things. Added Vlad Panov to the dev team. Will be in Seatle next week for NECC showing off what we have so far.

Posted by Matt Joyce 2003-06-23

Project Approved

Yesterday Source-Forge approved the jetvl project! I'll begin setting up the site, dumping source, and including developers probably this weekend.

Posted by Matt Joyce 2003-06-20