Jetbox One v2.0.7 Released

In this 2.0.7 release we focussed on easy installation and minor issues.
Jetbox CMS might not have as many features by default compared to other systems. This is
because Jetbox aims to provide a powerful basis for specific customisation in every
situation. And above all it is seriously tested on usability and is very intuitive. Jetbox
CMS v2.0.7 has workflow support and a role based user right system. The incorporated
mailing list, site stats, search engine and document management system are developed by
third parties and all have the same layout for fast implementation in a professional
environment. It is most suitable for medium to large scale websites with more than average
different types of content. The main focus of the Jetbox is usability and easy expandability.

Posted by Arjen 2004-05-11