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JC-006: JENSOR_HOME : C:\Program Files...

  • Sweta

    Hi ,

    I have installed Jensor on my Windows 7 machine. While trying to run the app, following error is displayed

    C:\Program Files\Jensor\bin>java -Xms256M -Xmx512M -cp .;"C:\Program Files\Jenso
    r\lib\jensorjdk15-v21-win32.jar";"C:\Program Files\Jensor\lib\jcommon-1.0.13.jar
    ";"C:\Program Files\Jensor\lib\jfreechart-1.0.10.jar";"C:\Program Files\Jensor\l
    ib\glazedlists-1.7.0_java14.jar" com.tcs.perc.jensor.UI.JensorProjectUI
    Finding Platform info …
    Current platform is Windows 7
    JC-006: JENSOR_HOME : C:\Program Files\Jensor Installer Directory C:\Program Files\Jensor Installer Directory\config\ (The system cannot find the path specified)

    Following are my env variables
    C:\Program Files\Jensor\bin>echo %JAVA_HOME%
    C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.6.0_25\bin

    C:\Program Files\Jensor\bin>echo %JENSOR_HOME%
    C:\Program Files\Jensor

    The application is picking up wrong installation dir. What should be done to fix this error. Cannot track where I have made mistake.

    Request you kindly help us.

  • chetan phalak
    chetan phalak

    This error is really strange. You environment variables sems to be correct. Still I would request you to Uninstall this Jensor, clean the directories & environment variables related to Jensor and again install the Jensor 2.1 from MSI file provided at

    Also let us know, your exact OS version and if there are any specific changes you did in Jensor installation/directory/ENV variavle explicitly to customize it.

  • Sweta

    I reinstalled again still i am getting same error.  I am using windows 7 Professional OS.  I have not modified any of the Jensor Files or ENV Variables

  • Suresh Malan
    Suresh Malan

    Hi Swetaasm,

         Try installing Jensor at a location other than "C:\Program Files\Jensor" for instance,
    Install it under C:\<UserName>\Jensor

    Also would suggest to check your Environment variables section for there are chances that multiple instances of JENSOR_HOME exist. Make sure there is only one instance and that points to C:\<UserName>\Jensor directory.


  • Hi Swetaasm

    Try if the following works

    1) Open a command prompt and go to c:\Program Files\Jensor\bin assuming you installing Jensor in C:\Program Files
    2) Explicitly set the value of JENSOR_HOME by set JENSOR_HOME="C:\Program Files\Jensor\"
    3) Do an echo %JENSOR_HOME%
    4) It should say C:\Program Files\Jensor
    5) If this happens to be the case, execute startup.bat to start JAW

    Also it would help if you can post the output of {env} command to this forum.