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#25 Jensor 2.1 multi-session mismatch

Suresh Malan
Data Bugs (11)

I create a project which need to collect the performance data by separating into 4 steps, and each step I operate Jensor like the following way:
1. start session
2. operate my Java program
3. stop session
4. collate records

And each step the "Mode -> Analyze" works well, I can get each session's data correctly.

However, I found that the next time I open this project again, and change to session of the first step, it shows session of 4th step; then I change to session of 2nd or 3rd or 4th step, it's correct; then I change to session of 1st step again, it still shows session of 4th step...

I remembered that I created another project which contains 3 sessions, the data is correct no matter how I operate Jensor.
So I don't know whether this error will show only when there are 4 sessions. Please try it by your self.

By the way, each step the session will last for 3 ~ 5 hours, you can try small data first then try large data.


  • chetan phalak
    chetan phalak

    You are following correct steps. I tried to replicate same scenario. I could not find this behavior of Jensor. I tried with 3/4/5 sessions, also with more than one project.

    It will be helpful if you mention all the steps you followed more precisely. Also mention during this exercise how many JensorProfile_*.zip files were present in %JENSOR_HOME\projects\PROJECT_NAME\bin\ It will be helpful for us to replicate the scenario.

  • Eyakcn

    To chetanphalak,

    Thank you for your reply!

    > It will be helpful if you mention all the steps you followed more
    I configure the tomcat launch configurations with JVM params

    1. create project in Jensor
    2. launch Tomcat server
    3. start 1st session
    4. operate on pages (then the background program runs several hours)
    5. stop 1st session the next morning
    6. collate records
    7. start 2nd session
    8. operate on pages (background program runs another 2 hours)
    9. during waiting for program end, I use "Mode-> Analyze-> Call Trace", the data is correct at this time
    10. after program ends, stop 2nd session
    11. collate records
    12. start 3rd session
    12. operate on pages and wait
    13. during wait, analyze data of 2nd session
    ... [repeat these procedures]
    Finally, I analyzed all of the data and I close Jensor.

    Then at some point, I want to check the data again, and open Jensor, open that project, change to 1st session and analyze data, the data is not correct any more.

    At least the session name I chosed is correct, because it contains start time and end time of that session. But the content is changed to the last session, I can never check the data of 1st session any more...

    I run the project in this way for 3 times, and it shows this bug every time... I don't know whether you can repeat it on your machine.

    > precisely. Also mention during this exercise how many JensorProfile_*.zip

    There are 4 such files, and the 4th file is exactly the same size as the 1st one...
    Just now I said this bug shows up 3 times with the same project, but one of them is a little different - the 1st and 2nd zip file with the same size
    The other two projects: the 1st and 4th zip file with the same size.

    I hope this would help you. Jensor is so great and I really like it.

    Thank you!