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JEditor / News: Recent posts

Version 0.4.3 released

Make sure that there are no remaining edits in the undo manager after a setText

Posted by Hervé Girod 2012-04-09

Version 0.4.2 final released

- Now work only with Java 6 or more
- Generification of the code
- Add an Undo/Redo mechanism

Posted by Hervé Girod 2012-04-08

Version 0.4.2 Beta 1 released

This version allows to use the MouseWheel in the editor to scroll in the text

Posted by Hervé Girod 2010-11-03

Version 0.4.1 released

The version 0.4.1 is a minor version which allows to set the tabsize externally in the CodeEditor defaults, and add an example of this in the standalone editor application

Posted by Hervé Girod 2010-10-17

Version 0..4 released

This version adds some forgotten files which prevented the standalone application to work, and makes the backspace key working in the editor. Users are strongly encourages to use this version.

Posted by Hervé Girod 2010-10-16

Version 0.2 released

First 0.2 version released. As I used this version for a long time internally, it should work without major problems.The project comes with two licenses:
- an MIT license for all the code except the diff part
- a GPL license for the code including the diff part. The reason is that this part is based on GNU diff, which is GPL based

The code is based on the jEdit syntax package (, which is provided on a MIT license. It improve a bit on this old code, which was has not changed since 2000, since developers switched on jEdit, a much bigger text editor project.

Posted by Hervé Girod 2010-09-18