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Diff of /plugins/ErrorList/trunk/build.xml [r23504] .. [r23505] Maximize Restore

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--- a/plugins/ErrorList/trunk/build.xml
+++ b/plugins/ErrorList/trunk/build.xml
@@ -9,11 +9,14 @@
 <!--                                                                  -->
     <property name=""       value="xsltproc" />
 	<property name="user-doc.xml" location= "users-guide.xml"/>
+  <!-- One of these two property files below should define to point to 
+       a checkout of the build-support project:
+       svn co
+  -->	
 	<property file=""/>
 	<property file="../"/>
-	<!-- You should set this property below in your to
-	     the location of the jedit "build-support/trunk" project
-	     checked out from jEdit's SVN repository -->
 	<property name="" value="../../build-support" />
 	<import file="${}/plugin-build.xml" />
 	<property name="src.dir" value="."/>