#114 SVNPlugin using out-of-date SVN libraries

Dale Anson
Craig McQueen

If I try to use the SVNPlugin, I get an error message:

svn: This client is too old to work with working copy 'C:\Subversion\CodeLibrary\etc\etc\etc'; please get a newer Subversion client

I've got SVN and TortoiseSVN 1.5 installed. So presumably the SVNPlugin should be updated to use the SVN 1.5 libraries.


  • Craig McQueen
    Craig McQueen

    I'm using SVNPlugin 1.1.0 on jEdit 4.3pre16.

  • Dale Anson
    Dale Anson

    Moving to plugin feature requests. Work is already in progress for this. SVNPlugin 1.2.0 has been submitted for release, this is the last version of SVNPlugin that is based on the SVN 1.4 client. The next release will be based on the 1.5 client. In the past, it was simply a matter of dropping the new libraries for the new svn client, however, the 1.5 libraries made some significant API changes from 1.4, so there is quite a lot of work to do to integrate the new libraries. You can get an SVN 1.5 compatible version if you check out the latest from trunk, however, work is not quite complete. Below is the current scorecard, you may find enough functionality present now to switch to the latest.

    Tests for svnkit 1.2, svnplugin 1.3, compatible with svn 1.5 client:

    Add - passed
    Blame - passed
    Branch - FAIL
    Checkout - checkout passed, create project does not
    Cleanup - passed
    Commit - passed
    Copy - FAIL
    Delete - passed
    Diff - passed
    Export - FAIL
    Ignore - passed
    Import - passed
    Info - passed
    Lock - passed
    Log - passed
    Mark Resolved - NOT TESTED
    Merge - NOT TESTED
    Move - FAIL
    Properties - FAIL from PV
    Revert - passed
    Status - passed
    Switch - passed, PV reimport passed
    Tag - FAIL
    Unlock - passed
    Update - passed

  • Dale Anson
    Dale Anson

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  • Dale Anson
    Dale Anson

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