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  • Marc Häfner
    Marc Häfner

    Version 3 doesn't really solve the problem of script-comments consuming html-tags. If I understand TokenMarker etc. correctly (and testing seems to confirm that) one can either:

    • use <IMPORT DELEGATE=... /> to be able to "override" the offending EOL_SPANs. This imports the rules into the current rule set. But it does not import any mode properties (the original issue for this ticket)

    • use real delegation (i.e. DELEGATE on SEQ or SPAN), where we get the (original) RuleSet with the appropriate modeName and thus the correct mode properties. But it seems impossible to somehow inject rules into another mode / rule set.

    But version 3 fixes the delegate issue nicely. (Sorry for the oversight and thanks for testing.) I attached a version 4 which includes only those changes from V3.

    Last edit: Marc Häfner 2013-12-27