#322 Docking Framework Patch

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In order to help make saving and restoring docking layouts easier, I created a patch that does several things:

1) Changes .xml files saved in .jedit/DockableWindowManager to save a comma-separated list of dockables at each position, with the current dockble surrounded by square brackets, e.g. BOTTOM=error-list,task-list,[console]. This allows layouts to actually save an entire docking layout, rather than just the current dockable at each position.
2) Added save and restore layout buttons to the general option's docking pane to enable explicit saving and loading

I would like to simply commit my changes, but before I do that I need to extend it to work with frameworks other than jEdit's default framework and do a little additional debugging, but I wanted to release this so that I can get some feedback (particularly on the layout of the docking option pane).

I'm also doing this in order to make setting preferred layouts for plugin packages more viable, when they are eventually implemented.

As a side note, I think docking config files in the settings folder should be saved a level deeper, such as in ~/.jedit/wm. It's more of an aesthetic reason than anything, but having a folder called DockableWindowManager surrounded by dtds, jars, and macros looks strange to me. I would prefer a lowercase, shorter name convention in the settings folder. IMO, ~/.jedit/wm/DockableWindowManager is better than ~/.jedit/DockableWindowManager.


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  • Damien

    I uploaded the new version of the patch. I haven't updated the README yet, but if this version gets approved, then I'll update it and submit the final patch.

    Let me know if there are any other concerns or if I've missed anything. Otherwise, I believe I've covered everything.

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  • Alan Ezust
    Alan Ezust

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