This sounds like a bug that was fixed in 4.3pre9. I had a bunch of problems with the buffer switching macros before 4.3pre5.

On 2/19/07, Sarah Berry <> wrote:
Hi jEdit users,

Has anyone else encountered this problem? I've searched the site for a fix, to no avail. I like to use C+PageUp and C+PageDown to switch between buffers, but often the buffer does not switch. The filenames in the window header bar (above File, Edit, etc) change, but the buffer does not. This only happens sometimes, and I can't tell you what triggers it.

Tech specs: I'm on Windows XP and I'm running the latest stable version (4.2final), and I uninstalled all plugins except Latest Version Check and still had this problem. I don't know if this might just be a drawing issue, but I ran a built-in Windows diagnostic called dxdiag and it says that Direct Draw is working.

Thanks in advance for any hints you can give me.


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