Hi, thanks for you description of the bug that is very good, but could you please submit a bug in the tracker for that ?


On Mon, Oct 27, 2008 at 10:58 AM, Michael T. Richter <ttmrichter@gmail.com> wrote:
I'm seeing some bizarre (and somewhat annoying) behaviour in jEdit 4.3pre15 that I can't seem to get rid of and I can't figure out, based on the docs, why it's happening.  It's related, I think, to views, buffersets, etc.

Starting with the default behaviour, and assuming the files junk1 through junk9: jedit junk1 junk2

This gets, as expected, a view with two files in the bufferset.  I use the BufferTabs plug-in, so I get both files showing across the top.  Now I add: jedit junk3 junk4

This gets, as expected, the same view now with junk3 and junk4 in my BufferTabs, junk3 made active.

So far so good.  Except I don't want this kind of behaviour.  I often have several different projects open with entirely different sets of source files, etc., so I want a new view with my file.  So I try: jedit -newview junk5 junk6

Now I get a new view, alright, but I get junk1, junk2, junk3, junk4, junk5 and junk6 all in it.  Further the original window also contains all these files now.  This is not what I want.  This is however the default behaviour according to the docs and can be changed, supposedly.  A warning sign of what's to come ahead, though, follows.  If I close junk1 through junk4 in that view, they close in the other view.  This goes directly contrary to the docs which say that closing a buffer in one view does not close it in any others.  This becomes important later on.

OK, so now I adjust the settings in Utilities -> Global Options... -> View to "BufferSet scope for new EditPanes: view" and "New BufferSets contain: an empty buffer".  I apply this, click OK, then exit jEdit completely (after closing the junk5 and junk6 buffers).  I fire it up again with: jedit junk1 junk2

So far so good.  Just for good measure I confirm the settings in ...View to make sure nothing got lost.  Both settings are as I expect them.  So now I add: jedit -newview junk3 junk4

Whoops!  I now have a view up that contains only junk3.  There's no junk4.  Double-whoops!  The original view now contains junk1, junk2, junk3 and junk4.  This is so painfully obviously not what I (nor any sane person!) would want, I'm entirely baffled as to how it could happen.  And if I close the extraneous buffers in that junk1-4 view now, the junk3 in the new view vanishes and is replaced by Untitled-1, despite closing files in different view supposedly not affecting other views, according to the user's guide.

So I decide to just ignore the command line and go completely with the menus.  With just junk1 and junk2 showing, I select View -> New View.  Bang!  Two buffers--junk1 and junk2--are now open in the new view.  And again, if I close them, they close in both views, so I can't even get rid of them.

No matter how much I dance around with the settings in Utilities -> Global Options... -> View, I cannot change this behaviour.  No matter what I do on the command line, I cannot get this behaviour to change.  How can I get the behaviour I really want which is this?:
  • First invocation (jedit junk1 junk2) gives me a view with two buffers, junk1 and junk2, open in the bufferset.
  • Second invocation (jedit junk3 junk4), with or without the -newview command line option (I'm easy either way), gives me a new view with two buffers, junk3 and junk4, open in the view-local bufferset..
  • Any invocation, if I close a buffer in one view, it doesn't close in all other views.

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