There is a bigger issue than licensing...

DroidEdit is a well established editor on the Android platform. I would review that before embarking on a commercial endeavour.  It likely solves all the issues your editor would solve. And at $2 its got quite a compelling pitch.

Tough to see a business case for yet another Android editor.

/ djb

On 23 Dec 2012 15:22, "Henry Thompson" <henryithompson@btinternet.com> wrote:
Hello JEdit-Users,
I hope this is the right place to ask this question! I am currently working on writing a code editor, not unlike JEdit, but it will run on Android. One feature I would like to provide is syntax highlighting as well as the ability to customise the syntax highlighting, and I would preferably like to use a file format which many people are familiar with to achieve this. Having tried with TextMate Syntax Definitions, I realised that they would not work. However, JEdit’s Mode Files would work perfectly. Therefore, what I was wondering is if it would be possible to use jEdit Mode files within the project to provide syntax highlighting and indentation information for the application, and to let users add their own syntax highlighting modes - it would be a fantastic feature to have, as would be the ability to bundle a significant number of Modes with the application.
However, I understand that jEdit is released under GNU GPL, and, unfortunately, my application is, and will be as far into the future as I can tell, closed source and probably even commercial. I was wondering if the GNU GPL license extends to the use of the Mode file format (i.e. I cannot legally use it in the project). If it does, I was wondering if perhaps it would be possible for me to use it within the project somehow? If I am allowed to use it within the project in accordance with the GNU GPL, am I correct in assuming that I would be perfectly legally able to use it, and that you would be happy for me to use it? I completely understand if this is not something that JEdit's developers wish to allow; however, I would be very grateful if it is possible. Please note that I only want to use the Mode files - I do not want to use any of the JEdit's Java code for syntax highlighting or even for parsing the Mode files, as clearly that would violate the GNU license. I will write my own parser and syntax highlighter which works within the constraints of Android - I simply would like to use the Mode file format and to include some Mode files with the published application.
Thank you very much in advance.

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