On Fri, Oct 21, 2011 at 10:13 AM, Matthieu Casanova <> wrote:
2011/10/21 Alan Ezust <> 
And about other replacement for Swing, I don't want to. For example I think a new VFS Browser would be great, but I don't think anybody will write one, so can you imagine rewriting jEdit entirely ?

I can't imagine rewriting jEdit entirely.

Exactly, thats the problem, if a small portion of jEdit is hard to rewrite, it is impossible to rewrite everything.

I would more likely start with an existing open-source project that that uses my favorite language and API and contribute to that, try to make it more jEdit-like....

There is another project called "eric" which I want to make more user friendly when I have some spare time... It also has multiple languages/editmodes/plugins like jEdit and is already written in PyQt.

Eric is a text editor ? Can you give a link ?