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W dniu 06/15/2012 07:25 PM, Eric Berry pisze:

Luckily Jenkins keeps all configuration in files that can easily be copied from one machine to another (as has been the case when I've upgraded machines). If someone would like the environment I could provide a tar.gz file with all the jobs and settings. All that would be required is it be dropped in there ~/.hudson directory and voila you have yourself a complete copy of the jEdit daily build environment.
Could you drop the file into sourceforge directory: /home/project-web/jedit/htdocs/files ? Just in case.
You may also update the README.txt there or I'll do it, to describe the file.

I'll try, the tar.gz file will likely be pretty large. Will work on this over the next few weeks - Jenkins also stores a backup copy of each artifact locally so I'll work on getting a tar.gz that doesn't contain any of the jar files.

I hope you see nothing wrong in my curiosity and please keep the daily builds going! There's no need to change it, but it's better to have the knowledge shared.

That's funny. It's not me who's ever had a problem sharing knowledge or responsibility.

Still, perhaps it is time someone else take these over anyway. Vampire? You never really supported me doing the daily-builds anyway, and I think you had always wanted to do them yourself, perhaps you'd like to take them over now?

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