Hi Folks,

I recently updated the key I use to access one of my servers, and ever since jEdit's FTP plugin has failed to unlock the key; it just keeps prompting me to enter my passphrase as though I've been entering the wrong one, though I'm certain I'm not. I have this nagging sense that I've encountered and resolved this issue before, but for the life of me I can't remember how. :(

Here's a list of what I've tried so far:

- Restarted jEdit

- Told the plugin to clear all caches and passwords, and specified the connection details from scratch (as opposed to using my old  bookmark)

- Verified repeatedly that the same key/passphrase works for this username/server from the command line

- Confirmed that servers that use other keys still work with the FTP plugin

- Checked the Activity Log (nothing useful that I can see)

- Just to check, removed the passphrase from my key. JEdit continues to prompt for, and then reject, my passphrase!

- ...BUT, according to the atimes on my keyfiles, jEdit is accessing the correct key, and not the old one (none of the old passphrases work anyway).

So... at this point I'm stuck. I would *really* like to stop using vim over a slow ssh connection though, so any help would be greatly appreciated!