A quick google for "jedit mac os x startup problems" lands you these results:

The first one of which shows you one solution, and has a couple of pointers to some other articles where other fixes can be found.

I've also heard people having luck with disabling or removing the Mac OS Plugin.

On Fri, Oct 31, 2008 at 4:11 AM, Markus Mueller-Heidelberg <mamuehei@mac.com> wrote:
Hello together,

two days ago ... I've got my new MacBook. Leopard preinstalled,
patched to the latest level.

Ony one thing thing won't work. My jEdit.

I've downloaded the 4.3pre15. After draging jEdit to the application
directory I've tried to start it. No reaction.

At the shell, a friendly "java -jar /Applications/jEdit.app/Contents/
Resources/Java/jedit.jar" typed, will start jEdit but i looks a bit
strange. Now ... looks like a MacOSX problem. Anyone has a hint for me?

Best regards,
667 the neighbour of the beast

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