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Diff of /ivy.xml [9a2624] .. [eb1a49] Maximize Restore

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--- a/ivy.xml
+++ b/ivy.xml
@@ -50,6 +50,7 @@
 		<conf name="fop" description="Dependencies for FOP" visibility="private"/>
 		<conf name="jarbundler" description="Dependencies for JarBundler" visibility="private"/>
 		<conf name="launch4j" description="Dependencies for Launch4j" visibility="private"/>
+		<conf name="scripting" description="Dependencies for Scripting" visibility="private"/>
 		<conf name="default-plugins" description="Shipped default plugins" visibility="private"/>
@@ -71,5 +72,8 @@
 		<dependency org="org.jedit.plugins" name="MacOSX" rev="1.2" conf="default-plugins"/>
 		<dependency org="org.jedit.plugins" name="QuickNotepad" rev="4.4" conf="default-plugins"/>
+		<dependency org="bsf" name="bsf" rev="2.4.0" conf="scripting"/>
+		<dependency org="org.beanshell" name="bsh" rev="2.0b4" conf="scripting"/>
+		<dependency org="org.bouncycastle" name="bcpg-jdk16" rev="1.46" conf="scripting"/>