#486 Featu8re Request for nedit-like rectangular editing feature.

Alexander Bruns


I asked for this on the jedit-users mailinglist and was asked to open a ticket here. Took a little bit since Oktober 2012, but now, I try to do it.

We are looking for a replacement for nedit (www.nedit.org) in our company. Jedit was in the scope in 2012 and is still, because its the best we found.

The thing is, that we often use the special unique rectangular editing feature in nedit and I would like to ask, if this could be implemented in jedit.

To see it, you have to try it with nedit, which is in most distributions still available, althourgh it is no longer maintained.

These features I would like to request:

What do I mean with "rectangular block editing"?

Like in nedit, in jedit it is possible to press "Ctrl" and mark
a rectangular part of the text with LM (Left Mouse button pressed)

So C+LM = Ctrl (Strg on german Keyboard) and Left Mouse button for marking.

Within nedit, it exists very powerfull features with this marked block.

After with C+LM a block of the text is marked, you can

  • move the block with just MM (Middle Mouse) without keyboard
    and move away text which was at the target position of the movement
    press MM and move the text and release it to stop moving.

  • move the block with C+MM and replace the text which was at
    the position where you move th block to. The block at the
    origin gets replaced by white spaces.

  • copy the block with CS+MM (Ctrl+Shift+MiddleMouse) and replace the
    text which was at the position where you move the block to. The
    block at the origin stays the same, so really copy no deletion.

This is really powerfull and because we often edit large text-files,
where the data is aranged in column order, it is often used by us.

Isn't this worth to make jedit to be the one unique sucessor which
is enabled of this feature?


Alexander Bruns