#354 more shortcuts to menu choices

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Mike Maxwell

Please add shortcuts (hotkeys) for the three menus in the file browser (Commands, Plugins, Favorites--Alt-C, -P and -F would be fine). This would be like the shortcuts/ hotkeys that already exist for the main program (File = Alt-F, etc.).

It would be nice to have a way to automatically add shortcuts of the underline type for installed plugins as well. So like you can get to the File | New menu item by doing Alt-F, followed by N (the 'N' is underlined in the File menu), or Alt-F O for File | Open, you could do Alt-P S for the Sidekick plugin's menu item. Not sure how this works in other OSs (I am using Windows), but if there are two items in a single menu with the same underlined letter (as there would be if both the Sidekick and Sessions plugins were installed), then typing Alt-P S would take you to the first one, and typing a second S would take you to the second one. This is the standard Windows interface.


  • Alan Ezust
    Alan Ezust

    I started doing it with the existing code and tried it and there were focus issues. I think those buttons and drop-down menus need to be redone using swing JMenu and JMenuBar first.