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It would be good for both users and the jEdit community of developers that jEdit can support the ability to auto update itself (e.g. like Firefox, Notepad++, or other such apps). This increases the likelihood that people will be on latest versions, and actually know about it...


  • Seph Soliman
    Seph Soliman

    Isn't the version checker plugin bundled per default? Perhaps it should be fine tuned... as a core dev I think i'm a bit ahead of the plugin so I wouldn't know how users experience this...

    - Seph

  • Anup

    @scarlac: I was pleasantly surprised to hear there is a version checker plugin, and thought that because I have kept my profile since 4.2 days I didn't have it by default. I checked the Plugin Manager and also http://plugins.jedit.org/list.php but unfortunately I could not see a version checker. Am I missing something?

  • Seph Soliman
    Seph Soliman

    Understadibly you disabled it as do I when i install jedit. The plugin bundles with jedit, so please download a version of jedit to obtain it. I don't think it's released under the plugins manager.

    Closing, invalid.

    Best regards,

  • Seph Soliman
    Seph Soliman

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  • Robert Schwenn
    Robert Schwenn

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  • Robert Schwenn
    Robert Schwenn

    Sorry, but the "Latest Version Check" plugin satisfies this feature request in no means. The only thing this plugin can do is to show info about the currently used and available versions of jEdit.

    Actually there is no way to automatically update jEdit itself.

  • Alan Ezust
    Alan Ezust

    Testing it would be a pain. Can we write a plugin that can do it instead of putting it in the core?
    Maybe somehow extend the latestversioncheck and let *IT* do the work?

  • Good idea. I am trying to write an updater plugin now for this.

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  • I intend to have the updater plugin use the jEdit installer in a "headless" mode. But it seems like there is no Ant build for the installer. How can I include it in the updater plugin?

  • Issue solved; I include the installer source files in the build of the updater plugin.

  • Robert Schwenn
    Robert Schwenn

    When I update jEdit, I install it into a new home directory and then I adopt the changes I've made to the old home directory, as there are:
    - copy all jars to %JEDIT_HOME%\jars
    - copy ctags.exe and ctags.cnf to %JEDIT_HOME%
    - copy extra startup script(s) to %JEDIT_HOME%\startup
    - copy *.props files to %JEDIT_HOME%\properties
    - move all delivered macros to to %JEDIT_HOME%\macros\_original
    - copy my old macro directory and synchronize the contained original files
    - copy some user defined ressources used by plugins to %JEDIT_HOME%\extras
    - copy external icon files to %JEDIT_HOME%\icons
    - update the mode directory, which is the most work: copy my own version of some mode files and update them if necessary, copy some extra modes, copy my catalog and update it.

    Some of these things could be customized easier in the user's settings directory, but I want it customized for all users of the installation.

    So, why do I tell You this all? I won't ask You to handle any of these things - see Alan's comment :-). But of course everyone will expect that jEdit won't destroy itself by an automatic update.

    So at least, the user should be informed exactly about:
    - what will be done
    - what won't be done
    - risk for destroy the current configuration
    - risk for worst case (prevent jEdit from starting)
    Maybe this info should be shown directly before an update would start (with the option to abort).

  • I am not sure how to inform the user about it and in which cases. Do you want to show the user a warning always, even if he updates to the latest released version? I think it shouldn't be any different from what the installer does -- does the installer show such warnings?

  • I just checked, and the installer does not show any such warnings. If at all, the plugin should specify details about the installation before installing, but I don't think there's place for warnings here.

  • Robert Schwenn
    Robert Schwenn

    I think the following info should be shown:

    - Which files are updated (only jedit.jar or whole distribution)?
    - Will customized files (i.e modes and catalog, macros) under %JEDIT_HOME% be overridden or not?
    - Will macros be copied (and thus merged with my own macro directory structure)?

    Also, I want to be sure the updater is using the correct path's for %JEDIT_HOME% and the settings directory. Otherwise the updater could fail and possibly destroy parts of my installation (see Plugin Feature Request #2878373)

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  • I don't know if the plugin should show this information. The plugin simply automates the download and execution of the java installer - which means it installs the entire distribution, just as if you double-clicked the java installer. This means it installs all files (modes, startup scripts etc), not just jedit.jar.

    The installation directory is configurable in the plugin options.

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