#226 Allow multiple selection in HyperSearch Results

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Shlomy Reinstein

It would be very useful to be able to select multiple nodes in the HyperSearch Results dockable and then use "Remove node" to remove all of them. This is much quicker than selecting "remove node" for each of those nodes.


  • Dale Anson
    Dale Anson

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    I also agree with that feature request, a suggested behavior would be :
    simple click for selecting, double click to open the buffer and go to the selected result

  • I didn't pay attention to this, but I actually like the single-click jump from hypersearch results, it is often very useful for me. I would therefore say, let's put some toggle button in the hypersearch result dockable, determining the jump mode - single click or double click. When in double-click mode, the user can multi-select from the list (sort of "jump mode" vs "delete nodes" mode). What do you say?

  • Any suggestions for how to allow multiple selection in the hypersearch results tree?

  • Robert Schwenn
    Robert Schwenn

    For me, CTRL+left-click would be the expected way for multiple selection in general. At least in Windows it's a common way for that. The current jumping behavior wouldn't have to be changed then.

  • Regarding Ctrl+Left-click: This is the expected way to mark multiple items in Windows, excluding the first one. The expected way is to left-click the first item, then Ctrl+Left-click for the rest.
    Have added support for hypersearch-results to buffer and vice versa, which makes it easy to filter out the results from the buffer listing them, do you think this feature request is still useful?