#737 menu does not disappear when ESC is used

minor bug

select the edit menu with alt e, scroll down to
submenu text and go into it. Press ESC to escape to
the edit menu, press ESC to be able to edit the active

Now when having entered the submenu, the edit menu
does not disappear from the textfield (I need to press
the mousebutton in order for it to disappear.

However, selecting only the edit menu and pressing ESC

I use jedit 3.2.2, jdk1.4b2 and win98



  • John Gellene
    John Gellene

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    This does not occur on JDK1.3.1. There are a variety of
    focus related issues involving JDK1.4 beta that prevent
    keystrokes from going where they are supposed to. This is
    probably another manifestation.

    JDK1.4 introduced a new focus model for the AWT that Sun
    acknowledges to be incompatible with prior releases. It is
    described in some detail at the following link:


    The incompatibilities are described near the end of the

    The question of how and when jEdit should deal with this
    should probably get addressed outside the context of a
    particular bug. It looks like the only solution that would
    satisfy everyone in the short term would be another
    internal fork in the source code similar to the fork that
    handles reflection and some other minor features under JDK
    1.3. Such a solution would also require that jEdit be
    built using JDK 1.4, which is still only available in a
    beta version.

    In the meantime, I would recommend you go back to JDK 1.3.1
    for jEdit unless your programming work requires you to have
    jEdit's tools running under a 1.4 JVM.

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    I won't change back to jdk 1.3 as jdk 1.4b2 makes jedit
    around 10 times faster on my 400mhz

    but thanks for the thorough reply

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    I couldn't replicate this using jEdit 4.0 with jdk 1.4.1 on Win2k
    or Win98.

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    I couldn't replicate this using jEdit 4.0 with jdk 1.4.1 on Win2k
    or Win98.