#3761 Bash syntax highlighting

Victor Engmark

This is correctly highlighted:

: ${foo:='$bar'}

This is not:

: ${foo:='${bar}'}

Looks like a mismatch of quotes and curly brackets.


  • Bosse Iseborn
    Bosse Iseborn

    I have a similar problem with my own language mode for Pascal/D80, though in my case the problem is for nested comments rather than brackets, e.g.

    (* Start of comment to comment out a section of code
    ... some code without comments ...
    (* A code comment. The end of this comment also ends the multi-line comment starting above *)
    ... some more code ...
    End of the commented out code section. *)

    So if there is a solution to this problem, I am very interested in hearing about it.

  • Richard The
    Richard The

    Hi, do you think you would assign this bug to me? I would like to start digging into it. Thank you

  • Hi, I cannot assign it to you because it can only be assigned to jEdit's core and plugin developpers.

    But don't worry, you can work on it and submit a patch, we will be happy to accept it.

  • Richard The
    Richard The

    Hi, I think I've found the exact location of the bug and is really close to solving it. It looks like the problem lies on the xml file where all the highlighting rules are defined for each language (in this case, bash). How should I submit the patch file? I don't see the attach file feature is available for me. Thank you.

    • status: open --> closed-fixed
  • fixed by patch 3602461 in rev 22740