#3735 Error loading default generated user catalog with fr locale

Eric Le Lay

in jedit_fr.props:18, there are 2 'é' characters in the comment
the dummy catalog is saved using default encoding (jEdit.java:1401), but the XML preamble doesn't specify an encoding (arround jedit_fr.props:18) so when the catalog is parsed you get an error because Xerces tries to load it as UTF-8.

Steps to reproduce:

- on windows, with default platform encoding being windows-1252.

- start jedit with fresh settings

- set locale to French

- remove fresh JEDIT_SETTINGS/modes directory

- start jEdit

- a new JEDIT_SETTINGS/modes/catalog containing the accented chars is created

- restart jEdit: you get an exception in the activity log


    • assigned_to: nobody --> kpouer
    • status: open --> closed-fixed
  • fixed in trunk, now the default catalog is written using UTF-8