#3490 number 1 and lowercase l

severe bug
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I am using Jedit v.4.3.2 Server Mode for editing java code.

I found that the default font does not distinguish between the lowercase letter l and the number 1.
This poses the potential of introducing some quite serious hard-to-find bugs into a user's code.

For example, the variables pane1 and panel look identical, potentially leading to hard to find bugs.


  • Dale Anson
    Dale Anson

    Personally, I wouldn't call this a bug so much as a preference. For coding, there are a number of fonts available. I've used Courier New, Bitstream Vera Sans Mono, Inconsolata, and DejaVu Sans Mono as programming fonts to avoid the issue you mention. A clean install of jEdit will default to the Java default font, but you're certainly welcome to change the font to suit your needs.

  • There seems nothing to be done in jEdit itself.

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