#2586 Num pad on french keyboard fails

severe bug


As french, we do have the AZERTY keyboard with a lof of
hardibility (the inverse of facility :/) for coding.
For example, writing the C multi line comment, like this :


Implies using Shift + :, and then *.

Usually, most of french people don't use than, and
prefer using the num pad, which is better as it already
contains the '/' and '*' without using a a modifier.

But that's fails from times to times in jEdit.

I can't say why, and when, but the fact is that the num
pad is completly disabled as if wasn't existing at all.
When I use a normal keystroke, the num pad rework.

Version of JRE is 1.5_07, but it failed also with
1.5_06. Version of jEdit is 4.3pre4 but it failed also
with pre2.

(I don't remember for 4.2)


  • pieroxy

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    Which OS are you using? I have noticed some weird behavior
    with Linux :

    1. The numpad would not work at all just after launching
    jEdit, and then after inserting a few chars in the buffer
    with the regular keys it would work just fine.
    2. The '.' key of the numpad - which I use because the
    regular one needs a Shift - works fine for some time and
    then after a while it start doing both actions (as in the
    action if verr num is on AND the action if verr num is off).
    So it inserts a period and then deletes the next
    character... Very weird.

    That said, I am using the jdk1.6 beta2 so that could be the
    culprit in my case.

    Both are quite non-obvious to reproduce.

  • Baldurien

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    Windows XP

    And yes, the num pad rework after hitting some key. I don't
    want to use the experimental new keyboard handling as it
    seems to break the Alt + (...) shortcup.

    As I said : jdk1.5_07+jEdit4.3pre6 (I updated it for the
    search and replace)

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    I cannot reproduce that so I assume it is fixed

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