CtagsInterface Log

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[f65d45] (1.1 kB) by Tom Power Tom Power

Bug fix: CtagsInterface unable to remove old tags


- Add option pane to add/remove individual source files from the tag index
- Pane uses origin >>MISC:temp so includes source files referenced in tags
added using the "Add tag file..." action
- Add methods to replicate add/deleteTagsOfOrigin() for individual files
with >>MISC:temp as origin, use file path as proxy for origin ID
- Remove "Add tag file..." action
- Add "Update current file" and "Remove current file" actions
- Fix TagBrowser dockable refresh bug

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[6bd0de] (905 Bytes) by Jarek Czekalski Jarek Czekalski

Updated and tuned long description of the plugin

2012-05-11 21:43:36 View
[ad6660] (1.1 kB) by unknown unknown

Initial version of CtagsInterface in git

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