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CodeHelper Log

Commit Date  
[592ce8] by unknown unknown

Added a help file.

2010-12-21 20:25:08 Tree
[b10acf] by unknown unknown

Some more build file cleanup

2010-12-21 19:48:30 Tree
[7b06b9] by unknown unknown

Cleaned up the build file.

2010-12-21 19:45:51 Tree
[1035fa] by unknown unknown

Added a description file - needed by the plugin release announcement script.

2010-12-08 08:16:47 Tree
[ac4596] by unknown unknown

Updated version for release

2010-12-08 08:13:49 Tree
[db9a58] by Shlomy Reinstein Shlomy Reinstein

Moved the filtering of comments and literals to the Lucene plugin, so it can also be used for ordinary Lucene searches.

2010-12-06 07:18:22 Tree
[279995] by Shlomy Reinstein Shlomy Reinstein

If no text is selected, show the call / reference tree for the word under the caret.

2010-10-21 11:55:31 Tree
[7eb8bb] by Shlomy Reinstein Shlomy Reinstein

Sometimes the caller tag is on the same line as the callee..

2010-10-21 06:52:18 Tree
[03bde9] by unknown unknown

Fixed a ClassCastException when clicking on the root node of the call tree, which is not a marker node.

2010-09-12 07:22:01 Tree
[50d38a] by unknown unknown

Initial import to git

2010-09-10 15:14:17 Tree