The ClassBrowser plugin

Written by Shlomy Reinstein, January 2007.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Description
  3. Requirements
  4. Usage
  5. Notes
  6. Feedback


The ClassBrowser plugin provides a dockable window presenting the hierarchy of a selected class, along with its members (including inherited members, if requested). You can jump to each element (class/member) in the hierarchy by double-clicking it. The hierarchy is generated using information provided by the Ctags tool.


The dockable window of ClassBrowser contains a split pane, presenting the class hierarchy in the upper part and the members of the currently-selected class (within the hierarchy) in the lower part. Double-clicking a member or a class jumps to the definition of that class or member.

The class hierarchy pane

The class hierarchy is presented as a tree. Three separate hierarchies can be displayed: You can toggle between the hierarchies using buttons above the hierarchy. When the complete class hierarchy is not available, the button to select it is hidden.

The class members pane

The members of the class that is currently selected in the hierarchy pane are displayed in the lower part of the split pane (the members pane). Two views are available: You can toggle between the views using buttons above the members pane. In addition, the members pane contains buttons for hiding members having specific attributes:


CtagsInterface plugin

ClassBrowser uses the CtagsInterface plugin to provide it with the tag information. It also uses CtagsInterface to jump to selected tags (classes/members). Hence, you must have CtagsInterface installed and configured properly.

Ctags invocation

To make the best use of ClassBrowser, configure the CtagsInterface plugin to provide the following options to Ctags: --fields=+anzKiS
These options tell Ctags to generate inheritance information, function/method signatures, access of class members (public/private/...), and provide complete names for tag kinds.


To use ClassBrowser, do one of the following: Generating the hierarchy may take a while, depending on the sizes of the hierarchy and the tag database. Wait patiently, and you will get the hierarchy in a "Class Hierarchy Browser" dockable.



Any feedback would be most welcome. Please send your feedback to the jedit-users or jedit-devel mailing list.